dating hardy perfect reels

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dating hardy perfect reels

Hardy Rod Manufacturing Dates (These are approximate) he numbering system is arcane, but there is a system to it. After 1965, the ? is substituted by a letter

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dating hardy perfect reels

Official website of West Slope Classic Fly Tackle Perfect - Contracted with Line Many vintage Hardy reels have a set of initials stamped on the inside of

HARDY ACCESSORIES - Classic Vintage Fishing Tackle

The Traditional Fishermans Forum. "An undisturbed river is as perfect as we will ever know, ↳ Hardy Reels

Hardy Perfect | Fly Fishing Forums

Tuftys vintage and antique fishing tackle home of Hardy Perfect fishing reels, Uniqua fishing reels, st. George fishing reels, Sunbeam fishing reels and other Hardy

West Slope Classic Fly Tackle - House of Hardy LTD

The Hardy Perfect. The Hardy Perfect the only major change he made after that was to move away from the frameless construction used for the initial batch of reels

The Classic Fly Rod Forum • help dating a hardy perfect

Hardy reel maintainence and conversion. Perfect Series. John Shaner, the foremost Hardy tackle expert, demonstrates assembly and maintainence of the Hardy Perfect …

Dating Hardy Fly Reels - baseprogram

The Traditional Fishermans Forum. Dating a Hardy Rod. ↳ Hardy Reels ↳ J. W. Young and Allcocks Reels

Help dating hardys perfect reel - Fly Fishing Forums

dating hardy perfect reels

A catalogue of usable and collectable fishing tackle of 3.1/8" Hardy the Brass face trout Perfect fly reel in face Perfect fly reel, reel dating

Hardy reel maintainence and conversion. Perfect - YouTube

Classic / Vintage Hardy Brothers reels for sale - Perfect, St George, Special Perfect, Bougle, Lightweight Series, Silex, Uniqua, Barton, Davy, Cascapedia, etc.

Dating a Hardy Rod - The Traditional Fishermans Forum

1891: The First Hardy Perfect. Hardys has paid homage to its history with several lines of reels designed specifically for the collectors market

Help Dating Perfect - Spey Pages

dating hardy perfect reels

can anyone help me roughly date the year of manufacture on this hardy perfect? its a 3 3/8" leaded finish. the agate is in great shape. has the three brass pins

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